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Whisper V2 Soundproof Rackmount Cabinets Range

Whisper V2 Soundproof Rackmount Cabinets RangeManufactured in the UK the Whisper V2 Soundproof racks (racks) are the 2nd generation product of the original popular Whisper rack. They have their own unique design and ‘look’ and come in a wide range of sizes.

Features Overview:

  • Physical Capacity: 15U, 27U, 36U, 42U rack spaces
  • Maximum recommended thermal load: 3kW (10,2741 BTU/hr)
  • Availability: EU and ROW (220/240V)


  • Very low ambient noise
  • Noise reduction and thermals cover most situations
  • Good value


  • Some limitations on higher range IT performance
  • No dust filter
  • Some U may need to be sacrificed to achieve good airflow

Feedback From Our Global Network

Good mid range or entry player for noise reduction and thermals – not available currently in the USA

To obtain more information on the right quiet rack for your needs we can arrange for a local quiet rack specialist to contact youlink

Cable Entry Brush strip entry at the bottom rear
Dimensions: approx. 3" x 15.5"
Cooling Fans 9 x Ultra-quiet cooling fans located in the roof
Acousti Material Flammability Rating BS 476, Part 7: Class 1
BS 476, Part 6: I<12, I(1) <6
(Class 'O' to Building Regulations)
Security Key lockable front & rear doors and side panels
Cabinet Finish Heavy duty steel construction
Cabinet Color Two-tone Grey
Other colors are optional
Max. Distributed Load 400 Kg - evenly distributed
Cabinet Features 4 post rack with square fixing holes - adjustable front & rear
Heavy duty castors
Air-Filtration System Not Available
Optional Accessories General 19" rackmount accessories
Delivery Ships assembled and ready to go
Useable Height Product Code Max. Useable Depth* External Dimensions (HxWxD) Cabinet Weight
15U WSP-15U-610 35.24" 41.97" x 23.62" x 39.37" 189.6 lbs
15U WSP-15U-612 43.11" 41.97" x 23.62" x 47.24" 198.42 lbs
27U WSP-27U-610 35.24" 62.99" x 23.62" x 39.37" 277.78 lbs
27U WSP-27U-612 43.11" 62.99" x 23.62" x 47.24" 286.6 lbs
36U WSP-36U-610 35.24" 78.74" x 23.62" x 39.37" 328.49 lbs
36U WSP-36U-612 43.11" 78.74" x 23.62" x 47.24" 339.51 lbs
42U WSP-42U-610 35.24" 89.25" x 23.62" x 39.37" 418.88 lbs
42U WSP-42U-612 43.11" 89.25" x 23.62" x 47.24" 432.11 lbs

*The cabinets are assembled with a 1.97" recess from the front to ensure sufficient space for the free-flow of cool air to installed equipment. The rail to rail depth is 34.25" (1000mm deep cabinet) and 42.13" (1200 deep cabinet).